Oxycontin Addiction: Signs You or Your Loved One May Have a Problem

by Dr. Michael Lowenstein, M.D., MPH, Medical Director — Waismann Method® Opioid Treatment Specialists and Rapid Detox Center

Addiction occurs when you start noticing your oxycontin use interferes with personal relationships, work, or obligations.

What Makes Oxycontin Particularly Addictive?

Signs You May be Addicted to Oxycontin

The addiction occurs when you start noticing your oxycontin use interferes with personal relationships, work or obligations. You may also go to extreme or dangerous lengths to obtain the drug. For example, seeing multiple doctors, ordering prescriptions online, or buying illicit drugs on the street. In other words, you take big risks in order to continue using the drug because your judgment is impaired. These can be risks to your health, family life and even legal consequences.

Signs of Oxycontin Addiction in a Loved One

· Relationship issues or increased conflict with those closest to them

· A previously very responsible person may be now frequently calling off work or not completing their duties at home

· They no longer attend or participate in the same social gatherings or activities

· Their physical appearance may be less put together

· They behave secretively

Getting Help

Oxycontin Addiction Treatment Options

Medical Detox
Medical Detox
Inpatient Medical Detox in a Full-Service Hospital

There are many oxycontin addiction treatment programs available. However, not all programs offer the same level of care, support or provide individualized treatment based on the needs of the patient. The highest level of care is an inpatient medical detox in a full-service hospital. This enables the patient to receive 24-hour support, monitoring of vitals and high doses of medications to alleviate oxycontin withdrawal symptoms.

For more than 22 years, Waismann Method® has successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from oxycontin addiction. In most cases, patients stay 5 to 10 days total including the hospital detox and aftercare at our private recovery center. All patients receive a private room and around-the-clock monitoring. Although the detox occurs quickly, there is a period of regulation that the body must experience to find a new baseline. Therefore, it is a responsible medical practice and more effective to provide inpatient aftercare for a few days so the patient has the best chance at their new beginning.

Alcohol and Opioid Treatment Specialists Since 1998. The center utilizes the most advanced & safest medical techniques available for detoxification.

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